"Welcome Students, Please come in to my office! Here you will serve Detention and also fing your assignments in the Bulletin Board. Top Students will also be found there!" - Professor Johannes Roarke


Okay Detention Students, you are summoned here because you have done something unpleasant or innapropriate in my view. Please complete your tasks to be able to dismiss your detention. You will have a record in the Detention Log which is very unhelpful especially for NEWT students. Notice: A student that misses detention in 3 days will receive Double Detention and will serve 2 tasks to dismiss his/her detention.

Students in Detention''''':Edit


Detention TaskEdit

Clean up the Viaduct without use of magic

Write a 3 pages long essay abou Wizards and Witches Good Manners and Right Conduct.

Student AssignmentsEdit

1st Years:

2nd Years:

3rd Years:

4th Years:

5th Years: OWL Students Assignments will be announced later on.

6th Years:

7th Years: NEWT Student Assignments will be announced later on.