Transfiguration courtyard HBP

The Transfiguration Courtyard is one of the cloisters in the inner part of Fogwarts Castle. The Courtyard has grass in a open area, in which a big tree has grown over the centuries. There is one massive iron Armillary Sphere that stands in the center of the courtyard. Also, the Ravenclaw Duelling Club is located here.

Class AreaEdit

Some classes of Transfiguration are held in here for some Practical and Hands-on Activities. Please Roleplay Here:

1st Years - 4th Years:

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G2 final  Professor Johannes Roarke - Head of Gryffindor House and Transfiguration Professor (Give Me Your Message!) Text: Okay! All 3rd Years, please proceed here. All 1st years, 2nd Years and 4th Years, please go to the transfiguration Classroom. Okay 3rd years, Let's now learn about the spell Draconifors! *A dragon statue is standing in the middle of the field.* Okay, now, ready your shield charms as I turn this Dragon Statue to a real dragon using Draconifors! *The professor pointed his wand at the statue* Draconifors! *The Dragon Statue became a real dragon, It started spitting out fire.* Class! cast your shield charms now! Protego Maxima! * The professor casted his shield charm.

5th Years and 6th Years:

Archive AreaEdit

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