Today, with founder, Vince (Hyugabyakugan12) will like to announce a new system in this wiki. The Storage System. I asked him yesterday morning at our school if I can create a Storage System. This Storage system will be like a Gringoots Vault where you can store all your belongings. For Example: If you are in a Quidditch team and heaven't bought a broom yet but you participated in a Match stating that you have your own broom, You will have a penalty. 3 Penalties are issued to 1 Warning Penalty and after having 5 Warning Penalty, you will be issued a 3 - day block and if you repeat it again, maybe you'll get an infinite block. This system is where you are gonna put all your inventory items such a unused uniform, broomsticks and quidditch supply, extra parchment, quills and ink. And before you store something, make sure you have already bought them from either Diagonally Marketplace or Fogsmeade Village. If you have any questions regarding this topic, please pots youyr comments bellow. Thanks! Cosmiggy - The World is Beautiful 08:28, January 20, 2012 (UTC)

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