Welcoming MessageEdit

Welcome to the Nimbus Broomsticks Dome, a store owned by the Nimbus Broomsticks Company dedicated to new world and vintage selling of Broomstick Products. Please browse our catalog for delivery options.


This catalog is used by persons who would like special deliveries of products not available from the store.

Products for Catalogging:

The Nimbus 2000 (old product)

The Nimbus 2001 (old product)

The NimBus 1 (a flying bus, old product)

The NimBus Platinum (the 2nd flying bus model, Newest and Latest NimBus)

Main Shop ProductsEdit

The Nimbus 2003 WereWolf

The Nimbus 2003 VampFire (releases purple fire from the broom threads)

The Nimbus 2003 Broom Threads

The Nimbus Thread WaX (Wax for more balanced, gleamy and faster flight. To be applied at the Broom Threads Only.)

The Nimbus 2006 CoolStream (releases snowy powder for faster flight and cooling mechanism)

The Nimbus 2007 DefensXive (Broomstick that can't be bumped easily and has super strong Defense.)

The Nimbus 2009 Roasted (releases black powder and marinade sauce at the rears to distract a person.)

The Nimbus 2009 Golden Year Edition (Golden Broomstick)

The Nimbus 2011 DefensXive 2 ( Just like DefensXive 1 but much stronger, much faster and has a camouflage mechanism)

The Nimbus 2011 OffensXive (The Nimbus OffensXive has a Stupefy ray and Flipendo Ray that can work on opponents.)

and the newest

The Nimbus 2012 DiaMonster (The Diamonster is the fastest broom in history at 50 miles per minute. At exactly 300 miles per hour)

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