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Once, there was a fountain that can solve peoples' problems. Once a year, people can bathe in the water of the fountain to let their problems be answered. Three witches, went to the fountain to also let their problems be solved. The first is Asha, who suffers in a disease. The second is Altheda, who suffers and endures poverty and poorness due to a robbery. The third is Amata, who is sad and distraught of being left by her beloved person. The three went to try the fountain and saw a knight who also joined them along the way. As they walk the path to the fountain, the three witches faced different challenges. The first task is a giant worm who demands proof of their pain. They passed this test and reached the second task which involves a steep slope where they have to bring the fruit of their labors. They also passed this test and went on to the next and final task. It involves crossing a river where they must pay the treasure of their past. They were also able to pass this test. Amata was able to complete this task by removing her memories of her former lover and threw them to the river. Near the fountain, Asha collapses due to exhaustion. To save her, Altheda brews an invigorating and energy-giving potion that also cures Asha of her sickness. This made the fountain of no use anymore to Asha. Altheda realized that her potion-making skills abled her to earn and make money that can raise her from poverty, so she knew she won't need the fountain anymore. Amata realized that when she removed her memories of her former lover in the river, she removed her regret and need of the fountain. The knight takes a bath at the fountain and after he does so, he flings himself to Amata's feet and asked for her hand and her heart. Amata happily gives it and finally haves new love in replace of her former lover. Everyone have answer their own problems. Everyone can solve their own problems. Everything has a solution. In the end, they realized that the fountain does not hold good fortune, it is by through their own labor they were able to solve their own problems.