Hello Everybpdy! Welcome to the SugarDukes Sweet Shop, here you can buy tasty and sugar treats at an afordable price! So what are you waiting for? Go on! Browse the Shelfs! Buy a nice treat for yourself!.

Shelf 1 - Gummy TreatsEdit

Licorice Wand 3 sickles per pack
Gummy Rats 1 sickle per pack
Soft Planet Gummies 3 sickles per pack
Carribean Gummie Skulls 5 sickles per Jar
Colovaria Multi-color Gummies 6 sickles per pack
Sugar-coated Gummy Slugs 5 sickles per pack

Shelf 2 - GumsEdit


Drooble's Best Blowing Gum 2 sickles per pack

Smixer's Color Gum

3 sickles per pack
Wingardium Leviosa Chewing Gum 7 sickles per piece
Inflating Gum 10 knuts per piece
Bouncing Craze Gum 4 sickles per pack
Spreading Gum 8 knuts per piece

Shelf 3 - CandiesEdit

Strawberry Swirl Candy 2 sickles per pack
Voice-ifier Lollipop for Babies 1 sickle per piece
Sweet Bee Hive Lozenges 3 sickles per pack
SugarDukes Mangorind Candy 3 sickles per pack
Acid Pops 2 sickles per piece
Voice Changing Mints 1 sickle per piece

Shelf 4 - ChocolatesEdit


Choco Chews 2 sickles per pack
MIlky Choco Bar 4 sickles per bar
Dansaugeo Choco Stick 1 sickle per stick
Three-flavored Chocolate 5 sickles per bar
Dark Chocolate with Rice Crispies 4 sickles per bar
Five-Nut Stick 2 sickles per stick

Shelf 5 - PastriesEdit

Exploding BonBons 3 sickles per box
Pumpkin Pasties 3 sickles per box
Sleeping Cake 2 sickles per cake slice
Mandrake Biscuits 3 sickles per piece
SugarDukes Special Cookie 3 sickles per piece
Blueberry Cheese Cake 3 sickles per cake slice

Shelf 6 - OthersEdit

Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans TM 5 sickles per pack
Ice Mice 1 sickle per piece
Pixie Wings Surprise 3 sickles per pack
Powder Chomp 2 sickles per pack
Marshmallow Fondue (Bat's Blood Soup) 7 sickles per cup
Rainbow Coconut Ice 3 sickles per pack

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