Defense Against The Dark Arts Core Subject ALL Professor Deither Carson
Transfiguration Core Subject ALL Professor Johannes Roarke
Charms Core Subject ALL Professor Candice Amercia
Potions Core Subject ALL Professor Mylene Scurge
Herbology Core Subject ALL Professor Felicis Gardenia
History Of Magic Core Subject ALL Professor Donald Hill
Astronomy Core Subject ALL Professor Pontian Lacarne
Flying Core Subject 1st Professor Renne Pascual
Ancient Runes Elective 3rd and UP
Arithmancy Elective 3rd and UP
Muggle Studies Elective 3rd and UP Professor Lee Berry
Care of Magical Creatures Elective 3rd and UP
Divination Elective 3rd and UP Professor Ulysses Petersburg
Apparition Elective 6th and UP
Ancient Studies Extra-Curricular 3rd and UP
Art Extra-Curricular 3rd and UP
Earth Magic Extra-Curricular ALL
Muggle Art Extra Curricular ALL
Music Extra Curricular 3rd and UP
Muggle Music Extra Curricular 3rd and UP
Ghoul Studies Extra Curricular ALL
Alchemy Extra Curricular 6th and UP Professor Victor Stone
Occlumency Special 6th and UP
Legilimency Special 5th and UP Professor Arcturus Rookou

Here are the list of subjects and their professors.

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Core Subjects: Are subjects learned in all 7 years. These are the basic subjects taught.

Elective Subjects: Are subjects chosen by students who reach the end of their 2nd year. Students must have at least 2 elective subjects to be taken.

Extra Curricular Subjects: Are optional subjects that can or cannot be taken. Students may take these classes in any year they like (except those with year requirements like 3rd and UP.).

Professors are still being searched. When all core subjects have a professor, classes will begin.

Some Extra Fogwarts Positions!


'''TYPE''' '''Job open for'''

'''Job Taker'''

O.W.L Trainings Elective-Subject Experienced OWL Markers
Detention PUNISHMENT Professors (As many Teachers can take Part)
Fogwarts Express Railway Authorites Fogwarts Express Railway Hogsmeade Residents
Career Advice Elective Club-Fifth Years ONLY Heads of Houses and Volunteers (HEADS OF HOUSE'S LEAD)
Hogwarts Board of Governors Hogwarts Decisions Parents of Students/Ex-Pupils of Hogwarts
Hogwarts Gobstones Team Hogwarts Club Students ONLY-Above 3rd Year