Patronus ClassEdit

Welcome everyone! This class is sponsored by Professor Lacarne, Professor Carson, Professor Gardenia, Professor Roarke and Professor Amercia. Please be noted that you must request permission on the Headmaster's Office to take this class. Only 5th Years and Above can attend this class. Teachers that will teach are as follows:

Professor Lacarne - 1st Meeting, 6th Meeting and 11th Meeting

Professor Carson - 2nd Meeting, 7th Meeting and 12th Meeting

Professor Gardenia - 3rd Meeting, 8th Meeting and 13th Meeting

Professor Roarke - 4th Meeting, 9th Meeting and 14th Meeting

Professor Amercia - 5th Meeting, 10th Meeting and 15th Meeting

Class Area Edit

All Patronus classes Shall take place in here:

Lesson PlansEdit

1st Meeting: Memory Strength Measuring, Happy Memory Discussion

2nd Meeting: Proper Pronounciation of the Incantation and Basic Wand Movements and Exercises

3rd Meeting: Proper Wand Movements, Dementor Discussion

4th Meeting: Patronus Charm Performance

5th Meeting: 1st Defense Against Dementors Discussion and Practical Lessons

6th Meeting: 2nd Patronus Charm Performance

7th Meeting: Battling Boggart Dementors, Lesson on Riddikulus Spell

8th Meeting: Special Exam on Patronus Charm, Boggart Dementor Battling

9th Meeting: Special Patronus Charm Exercises and A Brief Visit to Azkaban Prison

10th Meeting: Special Brainstorming and Recalling of Previous Lessons

11th Meeting:Grand Patronus Charm Performance, Battling Boggart Lethifolds

12th Meeting: Reviewing Day, Demonstration of a Basic Patronus Charm Shield

13th Meeting:Brainstorming and Special Lessons before Exams

14th Meeting:Patronus Charm Exams

15th Meeting:Announcement of Best Students, Last Patronus Charm Performance and Reminder Lessons

NOTE: After Graduating from Special Patronus Class you will be issued a special badge meaning that you can perform the Patronus Charm during special classes and for defensive purposes. You shall not abuse this power or you will be rid of the badge that is given to you.

And one of are rules is:


Here is the Badge

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