Welcome to the Slytherin Dorm Rooms!

Rooms Available: 350

Rooms Occupied: 0

Room TypesEdit

Single: Only One Occupant, One Bed, One Radio, One Dresser, One Table and Bedside Table, One Bookshelf and One Heater

Double: 2 Occupants (Max), Two Beds or One Double Deck Bed (may vary according to Room Master), One Stereo w/ Radio, 2 Wardrobes, 2 Bookshelves, 1 Twin Desk, 1 Med. Size Table and 1 Heater

Deluxe: 3 Occupants (Max), 3 Deluxe Beds, One Large Stereo and Music Player w/ Radio, 1 Large size Bookshelf, 3 Wardrobes, 3 Desks, 1 Large Deluxe Table and 1 Room Temp. Controller (hot and cold, powered by magic)

Superior: 1 Occupant (Max, 4th Years to 7th Years), 1 Large Superior Bed, One Large Stereo and Music Player w/ radio,1 Large White Screen, 1 Video Projector w/ various Films, 1 Superior Wardrobe, 1 Large Superior Bookshelf which can rotate to become a Mini - Bar with Beverages, 1 Large Superior Table and 1 Room Temp Controller

Group: 6 Occupants (Max), 6 Med Size Beds, 1 Room Heater, 1 Round Table, 6 Possesion Boxes, 6 Wardrobes, 6 Bedside Tables and 6 Small Bookshelves.

Grand Villa: 1 - 3 Occupants (Max, may vary to Room Master, Prefects and Head Students and 6th Years to 7th Years only) 1 - 3 Large Villa Bed, Cinema Room with various Films, 1 Large Table, 1 Room Temp Controller, 1 Large Bookshelp which rotates to become a Bar loaded with Beverages and Food, Dance Fllor (Assembly needed, comes with Music Player), Mini Library, 1 - 3 Large Villa Wardrobes and One Jacuzzi Bath (small sized)

Room Application
Character Name and Year, Signature Room Number (Single - 1 to 50, Double - 51 to 70, Deluxe - 71 to 90, Group - 91 to 150, Deluxe - 151 to 200, Superior - 201 - 250 and Grand Villa - 251 - 350 Room Occupants Room Master Approval
Example: Yugi Moto - 1st Year - (signature here, use the 4 tildes {~}) Single Room Number 1 None at the Moment (Wait for the Room Master to Apprve, If there is no Room Master, Apply Here