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Victor S. Stone

Victor S. Stone Edit

Victor is a pureblood wizard who was in the Slytherin house during his time at Hogwarts. He loathes Muggles or as he calls them mudbloods. He is prone to anger and yelling in a crazy manner. He is biased towards Slytherins and try to give them points whenever he can.

History Edit

His father taught him to hate muggles. He went to Hogwarts and would shout "Mudblood!" at muggle born students. He hated one muggleborn named Donald Hill who is now History of Magic professor. Donald was a Hufflepuff. Victor really did terrilbe in school.

Teaching Edit

Alchemy is the class Victor Stone teaches. When he's angry he stabs a knife into his desk. He calls his students students stupid for not being able to turn lead to gold.

Alchemy the class Victor teaches.