Professor Johannes Roarke is the current Transfiguration Teacher at Fogwarts.

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Johannes Roarke is a half-blood Professor at Fogwarts. He attended Hogwarts School in his 1st year to 3rd year until Hogwarts is fully destroyed in a battle against the Black Sorceress Sharonilapoe (known as Sharon). After the Battle, Hogwarts remained a sanctuary until a man named Buranolimaud (known as Noli) recreated Hogwarts School and it then became Fogwarts because a fog covered the site while it was being rebuilt. He attended Fogwarts at age 17 and continued his education from his 4th Year to 6th Year. At his final year, he attended a Wizard school in Brazil where his family migrated to. At age 27, he returned to England to be an Auror of the Ministry of Magic, there he became the husband of Melinda Roake (nee' Weasley) daughter of Louis and Gloria Weasley. He then returned to Fogwarts and teached Charms for 2 years before Pontian Lacarne became the Headmaster. After Pontian Lacarne became Headmaster this year, he promoted Johannes Roarke as the new Transfiguration Teacher and was replaced by Candice Amercia, former Arithmancy Teacher as the ner Charms Teacher. He then became new Head of Gryffindor House succeeding Deither Carson after he became Deputy Headmaster.


Professor Roarke is strict and likes a quiet and disciplined class. He also likes to give assignments often and rarely gives Exceeds Expectations and Outstanding Grade. Even though he is strict, he is generous and a loving person and loves excited children.

Magical SkillsEdit

Duelling - As a former Auror, he is skilled and Duelling and is very good at capturing wizards that are up to no good.

Transfigurator - As a Transfiguration Teacher, he can transform multiple things in a flick of his wand. He is avery skilled Transfigurator and is able to conjure his Patronus from time to time. He can also vanish and make things completely invisible.

Charmer - As a former Charms Teacher, he is very good at Charms though Candic Amercia is still better and outsmarts him in Charms.

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