Professor Felicis Gardenia is the Herbology Professor at Fogwarts

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Felicis Eranny Gardenia is a pure blood witch from Brisbane, Australia. She was born at Brisbane, Australia and moved immediately to Scotland at age 1, Therefore, she doesn't have an Australian Accent. She attended Hogwarts at age 11 from 1st Year to 4th Year. At the middle of her 4th Year, The 3rd Wizarding War took place at the tenture of Harry Potter as Hogwarts Headmaster. The 3rd Wizarding War was led by the Dark Sorceress Sharonilapoe (known as Sharon) and after that, Hogwarts was completely destroyed. It remained as a silent sanctuary for 4 years. At year 2031, the Hogwarts was recreated and rebuilt by Buranolimaud (known as Noli) and later named as Fogwarts. At age 18, Felicis Gardenia reattended Fogwarts and finished her studies from 5th Year to her 7th Year. 6 years later, when she was 28 years old, she was employed as Herbology Professor,(2 Years earlier than Professor Roarke and Professor Amercia.) After 2 Years of her service, she was promoted by the new Headmaster Pontian Lacarne to her title, Head of Hufflepuff House succeeding Matilda Sprout, granddaughter of Pomona Sprout.


Professor Gardenia is a kind and smart Professor. She understands Students well and guides them every step of the way. She makes hard tests and advanced practical exams. Even though this personality, She still gains the love and Trust of Students over the years due to her kindness.

Magical SkillsEdit

Herbologist: As the Herbology Professor at Fogwarts, She is a skilled Herbologist and loves plants. She studied plants in Scotland and became Head of the "Bureau of Wizard Plantology and Herbology of Scotland". Herbology is her favorite subject at her youth and loves nature so much.

Duelling: She is good at Duelling and showcased expertise in Charms in her youth though she is still better at Herbology. She sometimes sponsor and became a temporary moderator of the Hufflepuff Duelling Club if the Team Captain is absent or is unable to lead at the certain time.

Cooking: Before becoming the Head of "BWPHS", She worked as a cook in a Muggle Restaurant in desire to write a book about Muggle Society and Muggle Cuisines. Her first choice of Teaching is Muggle Studies because of her curiosity about Muggle Life but became the Herbology Teacher for her skills as a Herbologist and becoming as the Head of "BWPHS" and also because Herbology is her favorite Subject at school. She can cook many kinds of Muggle and Wizard food. She can season and flavor her dishes very well.