Mylene Scurge
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Mylene Yvonne Scurge is the current Potions professor and Head of Slytherin House at Fogwarts.

Personality and TraitsEdit

She is a strict and exact person when it comes to her subject. But outside the classroom, she can be fun and she is also cheerful. She encourages students to try and try even if the way she speaks it is stern.

Magical Abilities and SkillsEdit

  • Potioneer: She is a very skilled potioneer, and is able to brew advanced potions in one attempt.
  • Duelling: She is a skilled duellist. She can knock down enemies with her magic.
  • Patronus: In her 6th year, she is able to conjure one in the form of an anteater.
  • Animagus: She is licensed to transform into a firefinch 2 years after she graduated from Fogwarts.

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