Magical Creatures!

By Arcturus Rookou


Acromantula is a species of Spider but

different to all others as this one is bigger than

Humans! Normally Acromantula is used to

guard objects like Galleons or Objects like

Golden Cups. In 1965 there was made a ban

called the 'Ban on Experimental Breeding' this

applies to Acromantula also. They were first

spotted in 1794 in the island of Borneo. The

Ministry class them as XXXXX. Their eggs are

Classed as Non-Tradeable Class A.


Ashwinder is a Serpent made from the remains

of Magical Fire. Ashwinders are usually thin

with glowing red eyes and pale-grey skin.

Ashwinder eggs are usually found frozen they

can be used in Love Potion or eaten whole as

the cure for Ague. Ashwinders can be found

everywhere in Muggle Areas and in Wizarding

Areas. But Ashwinders eggs have to be frozen

as soon as they are laided or the place will be

set on fire within minutes! The Ministry class

Ashwinders as XXX.


The Augurey a.k.a the Irish Pheonix is thin and

a sad looking bird. It is unknown where the

Augurey came from and what year it was found.

The only thing we known is that it was Great

Britain and Ireland. It eats Fairies and insects.

The Ministry class it as a XX and it can be

domesticated by any wizard or witch.


The Basilisk is a Giant Serpent or know as the

King of Serpents. Its extremely dangerous and

its known that only a few wizards have got past

the Serpent. Its mostly know to be breed by

Dark Wizards such as Salazar Slytherin,

Herpo the Foul and other various Wizards.

The Ministry class it as XXXXX but if you are

a Parselmouth you could easily put it under your

control. The first person to find a Basilisk was

Herpo the Foul in an Unknown year it is

rumoured that it was found in Ancient Greece

but others think different.


A Bicorn are dangerous cow creatures. There

horns are used in Potions like Polyjuice Potion.

Its to be decided what the Ministry's

classification is of these creatures as they are

relatively new creatures. Its unknown who found



A Billywig is a Insect that originated in

Australia. It is half a inch long. Some people say

that its not a Insect or a Creature they say that

is just a piece of wood that kids make. It is a

very fast creature and you can only see it when

you have been stung. If you get stung a lot then

it can cause you to float in the air for days. The

Ministry class it as XXX as it can sting.

Blast-Ended Shrewt

The Blast-Ended Shrewt is a Hybrid

Creature. It is a Manticore and a Fire Crab

mixed together. They can either mate or use

magically mix them together. It is illegally bred in