Jeff Cope

"Jeff Cope is a amazing student!

Proffesor Lee Berry describing Jeff Cope.

Jeff Cope was a pure blood that was born and raised in England. Son of Micheal Cope and Angelina Cope Jeff attended school at Fogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Then during the sorting ceremony he was sorted into Ravenclaw. He tryed out for Qudditch and earned a spot as a chaser.

Jeff was a sighned member of Dumbledors army and was very good at using charms. He participated in classes such as Herbology but was best at Muggle Studies and Muggle Art.


Jeff was born on December the 6th year of 1996.

As a child he loved magic and would sometimes sneak into his mothers room and take her wand. Jeff would cause major damage to the house him and his mom lived in but nobody ever got hurt.

Jeff was often a smarter kid as he was growing up and Jeff often never talked as a kid because he was very timid because Jeff only liked to hang around the people that werent mean and crude