Hogwarts greenhouses (view from top - Concept Artwork for HP2 movie 01)

"Welcome all to the Herbology Greenhouses! In this place, all students from all years shall have classes in Herbology. Please be noted that all years are required to take this class" - Herbology Greenhouses Signboard written by Professor Felicis Gardenia


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Class AreaEdit

All blackboards, tables and chairs are still being mantained, please return at the start of terms. Please be reminded to bring your own pair of earmuffs for Mandrake Related Activities.

1st Years

2nd Years

3rd Years

4th - 5th Years

6th Years

7th Years

Potions Shelf for PlantingEdit


Insta - Grow Potion

Pollenator Spray

Anti - Slug Repellant

Flower Fragrance Potion

Venus Flytrap Calming Potion

Dragon Dung Fertilizer Potion

Regular Maneur' Fertilizer Potion

Soil Softener Potion

Section AEdit

Pots Available: 35

Plants Planted: 37

Mandrake - 30

Venus Flytrap - 7

Section BEdit

Pots Available: 0

Plants Planted: 15

Slithering Vine - 5

Conchoncula Flower - 10

Section CEdit

Pots Available: 40

Plants Planted - 45

Rafflesia Flower - 20

Russian Fungus Mushroom - 5

Butterfly Flower Plant - 20

Stock RoomEdit


20 tables and chairs

5 boxes of Potions

Potion Club Stuff (potions club is held at the Greenhouses)

40 Water Buckets

5 ladders

100 sacks of seeds

10 cages for Rampaging Venus Flytrap

60 Bezoars for Poisoned Persons

Teacher's OfficeEdit

The Teacher's Quarters are still being furnished with office tables, chairs, a bed, cabinets, file vinyl and portfolios and carpets and rugs. The Herbology Professor sleeps here.