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Gregory M. Johnson is a 6th Year Hufflepuff Student at Fogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He is a Prefect and the captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team and a Seeker.

He is born on the 20th of November,1995 (age 16) in St. Huggo's Center for Pregnant Women. His father is Ronaldo "Ronald" Johnson and His mother is Maryann "Yanna" Johnson (nee' McGonagall). He got his acceptance letter to Fogwarts at age 11 and started attending it ever since. He is a pure-blood though he and his siblings all attended Muggle Schools for basic human education.

Family Edit

Father: Ronaldo S. Johnson - Works as an Auror in the Ministry of Magic

Mother: Maryann M. Johnson - A typical caring housewife


Evangeline M. Johnson - Works at Johnson's House of Random Items. She is the Manager.

Kimi M. Johnson - 5th Grader at a Muggle School.


Dylan M. Johnson - 3rd Grader at a Muggle School.


Pet: A snowy owl named Hermes and a Hamster named Hamtaro. Hermes was a present from his Grandpa after receiving his acceptance letter while Hamtaro was a Yuletide present when he was 13 years old.