" A place to shop, A place to stop by, Go on now and Hurry to the Fogsmeade Village Shops! Here you'll find many treats at SugarDukes Sweet Shop, or buy quality Quidditch supplies at Quidditch Supplies Depot, or go on in and have a break! Here at Bleachy Cauldron, you'll find something to eat! So what are you waiting for? spend the night at the Fogsmeade Room and Breakfast! Or buy your new generation broom at The Nimbus Broomstick's Dome! So come in let's go let's shop at the Fogsmeade Village Shops!" - Fogsmeade Village Board Sign.

Shops, Centers,Depots and Accomodation HousesEdit

SugarDukes Sweet Shop

The Nimbus Broomsticks Dome

Quidditch Supplies Depot

The Bleachy Cauldron

Fogsmeade Room and Breakfast

Quills and Ink Center

The Book Grooves Home Center

The Johnson's House for Random Items

The Magical Agriculture Depot

Eeylops Bat Emporium

The Owl Aviary

Magical Animaliary

The Gemstones Center for Precious Jewelry

Morgan and Murk's Ingredient Market

The HollyFog Hotel (Still Furnishing)

The Fogsmeade Enchanted World Amusement Park (Under Construction)

The Big Loop Water Park (Now Open)