Welcome to the Dormitory Rooming System!Edit

Please go to your Houses and contact your Prefect, Head Student or Head of House to Get your own Room.





Room TypesEdit

Single: Only One Occupant, One Bed, One Radio, One Dresser, One Table and Bedside Table, One Bookshelf and One Heater

Double: 2 Occupants (Max), Two Beds or One Double Deck Bed (may vary according to Room Master), One Stereo w/ Radio, 2 Wardrobes, 2 Bookshelves, 1 Twin Desk, 1 Med. Size Table and 1 Heater

Deluxe: 3 Occupants (Max), 3 Deluxe Beds, One Large Stereo and Music Player w/ Radio, 1 Large size Bookshelf, 3 Wardrobes, 3 Desks, 1 Large Deluxe Table and 1 Room Temp. Controller (hot and cold, powered by magic)

Superior: 1 Occupant (Max, 4th Years to 7th Years), 1 Large Superior Bed, One Large Stereo and Music Player w/ radio,1 Large White Screen, 1 Video Projector w/ various Films, 1 Superior Wardrobe, 1 Large Superior Bookshelf which can rotate to become a Mini - Bar with Beverages, 1 Large Superior Table and 1 Room Temp Controller

Group: 6 Occupants (Max), 6 Med Size Beds, 1 Room Heater, 1 Round Table, 6 Possesion Boxes, 6 Wardrobes, 6 Bedside Tables and 6 Small Bookshelves.

Grand Villa: 1 - 3 Occupants (Max, may vary to Room Master, Prefects and Head Students and 6th Years to 7th Years only) 1 - 3 Large Villa Bed, Cinema Room with various Films, 1 Large Table, 1 Room Temp Controller, 1 Large Bookshelp which rotates to become a Bar loaded with Beverages and Food, Dance Fllor (Assembly needed, comes with Music Player), Mini Library, 1 - 3 Large Villa Wardrobes and One Jacuzzi Bath (small sized)

Help DeskEdit

When you get a room, you will automatically be the Room Master. When your, the Room Master, you can appoint which students you will accept as your roommate (in Group, Double and Deluxe Rooms only). You can also assign which temperatures of the room shall be (Superior and Grand Villas Only.) If you need any help, just post on my talk page! Cosmiggy - The World is Beautiful 08:33, January 23, 2012 (UTC)